• How long can I expect the band to play?

    Furious George charges one fee for up to a 4-hour "block" of event time (ex. 7pm - 11pm), which includes the band's performance sets and any breaks.

    Ourtypical sets average from 45 to 75 mins each (usually 3-4 sets), and breaks average 15-25 mins each (2-3 breaks) We will always adjust our performance set and break schedule to fit the flow of your event.

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    What does the band’s fee include?

    We want our band bookings to be as all-inclusive as possible. Typically, a band fee includes the following:

    • all instruments and sound/lighting equipment
    • equipment set-up prior to event and breakdown afterward
    • travel and lodging expenses

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    How far in advance should I book Furious George?

    Weddings and special events planned on Saturdays during the spring and fall seasons often book one year or more in advance. We usually start hearing from clients planning for the most popular Saturday dates well over a year in advance, and the general booking season for bands in the wedding and special event industry is usually eight to 15 months before a Saturday or holiday weekend event date.

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    I’m ready to book Furious George band. What happens now?

    When you are ready to book us, we will request the information from you
    that we need to prepare a contract, and send you the contract documents by email.
    Simply sign and return the contract along with a deposit.

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    Have a great time!

    Our main goal if for you to show up and not worry bout a thing. We will work with you before your big day to ensure that your reception happens as planned. Just sit back and enjoy yourselves!.

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    Contact Us

    You can contact us by calling 480-430-7479 or by filling out the form in the contact section of this page.

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    We would love to be apart of your event!

    Please watch our demo video so you can see what we are about. For an additional fee, we can add a female singer upon request. Please come out and see the band for yourself.

What makes us successful?

We are fun.

Unparalleled quality

We are great live.

State of the are PA (Professional audio) system.

We get along! (it really helps)

Unparalleled quality

Through the years, Furious George has been committed
to constant improvements.

We pursue excellence and continue
to achieve the highest levels of musical quality.

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